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A recent shoot with photographer, Louis Botha, shows up online at . We did quite a few cool shots that day, and I hope to be able to post a few more final edits if and when I get them. It just gets so busy that I lose track of getting hold of pics...but do need them to keep my portfolio fresh.

The orange lips was a favourite, and I used a combination of a bright orange creme colour from local brand Siggi's, and just hydrated it with a coating of an orange lip colour by Sensai. I used my Sensai foundation powders over Garnier's BB cream in Medium, with a makeup prep with Sensai's Awakening Essence.
For my gentleman I used my Shiseido liquid foundation for in a slightly lighter shade than his skin; it blended perfectly, and offered coverage over lips as well. I also lightened his brows with alcohol based makeup imported from the States. Hair was styled using L'Oreal Professional products; and a lot of twisting and teasing ...!
We weren't exactly going for a "Hunger Games" feel, but the brief was basic: one word - Hunger... and we ended up with this. You'll noticed that I swayed towards a bleached, or rather blanched, look: eyes are practically naked, but I just could not resist the inclination to pop that orange.

For me, I feel an urge to play with orangey nude lips this autumn...and then move on to a few radiant reds for winter. Does this make sense to you??

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