#THISISBRIT Burberry Brit Rhythm for Her

If you're a Burberry Brit Rhythm woman and you know it, #THISISBRIT 
Burberry Brit Rhythm for Her is a  powdery floral fragrance with a burst of a rather sophisticated lavender, the warmth and vitality of orange blossom at it's heart, and the depth of vetiver which is both sensuous and refreshing, has become a rather unexpected favourite for me. I very rarely venture within the realms of powdery fragrances, which makes this sassy fragrance so special, because it loses the stigma of a powdery fragrance very quickly.
effortless appeal, cheeky confidence and multidimensional style
It is feminine to the core, and at the same time it has a boldness that I would associate with spicier, more obviously sensual fragrances. I like this very much. It certainly is well-named, because it encompasses the spirited freshness and cheeky femininity of the stylish trendsetter that is the British woman. I think somehow we all tune into this psycho-social dynamic of style, beauty and ideology; and what we wear, and how we wear it, speaks a language that is globally understood. And yes, this fragrance taps into that global connection. But we really don't need to think too hard about it...just experience it.
I know this will probably sell extremely well as a Spring/Summer fragrance, but because we tend to have sun (in and out) for most of the year here in South Africa, I think I've just found an ideal everyday fragrance through all the seasons.
I love this look: like the fragrance, it's subtle and strong at the same time
If you like 'happy' fragrances that are a world of sophistication apart from your standard 'happy' fragrances, then do try Burberry Brit Rhythm for women eau de toilette.
Here's what's in it:
Lavender... fresh and bold, and often used in masculine fragrances; Burberry's English lavender comes from beautiful Kent, the "Garden of England", and there's nothing granny-ish about this one. Almost unrecognisable, this unexpected contribution is what immediately brings in a cheekiness to Burberry Rhythm by overturning our usual expectations of a powdery floral. It is also a salute to Burberry's British heritage.
Orange Flower Absolute...provides an invigorating scent that brings light to my senses; included, is the innovation of "Petalia"(a peony molecule) which is probably what makes the eau de toilette perform so well in terms of how long the fragrance lasts on skin. It is impressive! I love the exhilirating sense of awakening that orange blossom scents bring to me, but again this is not your standard fragrance. The floral blend is delicate yet firm, fresh and comforting all at the same time. And it is also unexpectedly invigorating for a powdery I said: it is certainly not your standard powdery floral fragrance.
Vetiver...Haitian Vetiver (yum) and a blend of musks and vibrant woods solidify the power of this delicate fragrance, making it in so many ways the yin and yang that encapsualtes this gorgeously alluring scent.
#THISISBRIT because there's a little rockstar in all of us
Fashion, beauty and fragrance will always reflect what is transpiring in the very depths of our collective psyche, and Burberry Brit Rhythm for women captures the vivacious and audacious spirit of feminine power. And you are gonna love the bottle! The dichotomy of smooth and studded; just how I see myself right now! ;)

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