Underwater makeup: simply beautiful

Underwater shoots can actually be the most stress-free shoots possible... with the right makeup products. As long as it stays long enough for me to not have to do fix-ups, and as long as there is absolutely no smudging or bleeding or undesirable makeup degradation, only then will any "waterproof" product make it into my underwater makeup kit. I know, as we all do, that not all waterproof makeup is made equal... So try to test yours in extreme conditions before you even consider bringing it on to set. If you are going to an emotional event and you don't want to end up with strange smudgy goth eyes, then take a shower with your makeup on to test how it stands up in such an extreme environment. ...I mean, you're never gonna be that drenched, now are you?!?
But if you need this make-up to make it through an underwater shoot, then be brutal with your testing, because you have to know your limits. I also believe that unless you're doing a very specific fashion shoot underwater, you should stick to the most natural, and certainly the least amount of makeup as possible.
I have been using my creams mostly for all the underwater makeup I've done recently, because they stain perfectly and wear well, so they don't become blotchy and the pigment stays on longer. I adore my blush wheel by Ben Nye; these cream blushers are ideal and I use them for almost every look. I also started using my brow gels from Ofra, which worked well instead of powder shadows to define brows. The shades initially looked a bit too intense for a brow, but they worked well with a delicate application. I would even go as far as to use this product in the lashline if necessary for a deeper line. But I always just ended up using my M.A.C. Blackout as a liner, which stood up well in all the underwater shots. For mascara, I would turn to my Sensai 38degreesC mascaras in brown and black. These are just superb. There's no harsh hard feel of the lashes, and yet they are pretty darn waterproof in anything under 38degreesC!
My Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo cream shadows work brilliantly as a shadow base for intense eye makeup, but I used them on their own for subtle eye shading that survived the underwater shoot.And if I need to conceal anything, I turned to my Judith August cover up palette. Alcohol activated makeup will definitely work for underwater scenes, but I usually only use this to cover tattoos or create FX makeup designs, because it is very drying on the skin. I also try as far as possible to keep the skin hydrated with a good natural moisturiser from Philosophia Botanica when my models come out of chlorinated pools.
I would rarely use a full-on foundation when shooting underwater scenes. A BB cream is great for moisture and light cover, which is all you need underwater. Everything else will look horrid in no time at all.
If you are doing an underwater shoot anytime soon, go for strong eye definition and popping lips and cheeks, and don't stress about anything else.
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