Why Is #L'Oreal so popular??

Yes, I could live here. 
  Beautiful, quality makeup that has evolved dramatically over the years...that's L'Oreal Paris Cosmetics. Back in the nineties, I doubt you'd have found too much L'Oreal in most make-up stylists' kits. But now more and more you just can't deny that this brand is simply becoming so much more popular. Wonder why??
Sylvie Hurford sharing her makeup love
 It could be that worldclass makeup designers like Rae Morris (I idolize this woman!!) have been given far more say in what we get. Our very own local L'Oreal makeup designer, Sylvie Hurford, recently was available to share some of her favourite L'Oreal makeup products for 2014. Her excitement said it all. It's obvious that the quality is superior; and if  a makeup artist like Rae Morris is prepared to work with any brand, then it says oodles about the quality of their products.
Infallible Lip Duos by L'Oreal...this will amaze you.
 Off course, there is just no denying that L'Oreal's Infallible lip duo is the ultimate epitome of longstay lipstick. And with such an array of beautiful shades, you will easily find a few you simply must have. I adore the neutral shades, but feel that if you're going to go bold, then do it with this lovely lip darling. I absolutely despise a red lip that fades into oblivion after a couple(yes) cups of coffee...If you want to avoid that kind of disaster, then this is how it's done. It's a two step jobbie: first apply the colour (the lipgloss wand makes it easy), and let it dry until it's a bit sticky; next, coat lips with the balm on the other end of the tube. Perfection: easily achieved.
And if you want dramatic it is: Miss Manga Mega Volume mascara...pretty blinking awesome; nearly doubles the length of me lashes, without making them look spidery. Colour Riche Les Ombres eyeshadow quad in Beige Trench  is gorgeous: soft, silky texture that glides on and deposit just the right degree of pigment. It doesn't crease! well, not on my lids anyway. The shades in the Beige Trench palette(which I've got) work beautifully for green and blue eyes, but suit most skintones. This one is in my personal kit, but may soon travel to my shooting kit...because I dig it.

With a tagline like "because you're worth it", I often blush myself away from the L'Oreal ads...but can you deny that they offer really good makeup at reasonable prices??! And more often than not, they're ahead of the just don't know it because in South Africa we always have to wait for international releases to make it to our shores.
For example: the most divinely awesome news that L'Oreal have some amazing shades coming onto the scene this year... it's only later in the year...but it's coming! For now, go and find the perfect palette of Color Riche eyeshadow quads to suit you, and experience veritable proof of their popularity.
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