Bun Voyage

 I am a makeup artist who also styles hair ...on pretty much every shoot I do nowadays. And what I notice most is that bad hair can throw off a good shoot: if the hair looks bad, then it pretty much stands out like a sore thumb. I really don't like sore thumbs. But when you're working at full speed, you really don't have time to be too prissy. In that instance I opt for the simplest, yet most elegant of hairstyles: the bun.
By now I have done so many buns, that it often feels like a naughty cheat, because it always looks good and doesn't take any time at all. Well, of course, there's a reason for that: I have methods to ensure that hair stays put and looks effortlessly elegant with just a few basic techniques. 

My favourite is 'the pony-plait'. I simply tie hair in a low pony, then plait and fasten the end with a hair tie. I then reach for some grips and pins and roll hair around the pony hold, and pin in place beautifully. This can be a loose and romantic bun, or a neat and sleek really just depends on your tension in the braid. 
Either way, it will look styled in no time at all. And off you go, because you should do the traveling, not your hair.

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