Genius in a bottle

When I have to work in small spaces it helps to have my makeup categorised and packed in a compact kit. This is when one realizes the true value of one's collection of palettes. In that one tiny bag I can work with absolutely any skin tone and shade. It often amazes cast and even crew that I carry an entire bathroom in just a few bags. The trick is to decant, and store properly, an entire range of products to address absolutely any situation that may arise on set: from pedi's to periods.
So, storage is the key.
There is something strangely appealing about Plastics For Africa, a place I go to for all my container needs. I spend a lot of time organizing my kit to suit each shoot. smaller containers make it easier to carry more products according the brief and my needs. 

Lipsticks for instance: I have well beyond plenty, and would obviously like to have absolutely every one on standby. But even with decanting that is not always possible. So I section them off into various palettes according to my sense of order. 

I have a big shoot coming up and would like to put together a lightweight,  compact kit to travel with. With larger cast numbers and various locations,  it is going to be a challenge to pack everything,  but feel as though you're carrying nothing! 

I rarely use crazy fantasy makeup on shoots,  but in my line of work I have learned to never say never . So what better way to keep a stash of glitter,  face paint and other oddities,  than in the teensiest mini containers all packed in a small transparent box that may never leave the boot of my car!?! And then there's the bling:  the exciting bits that I always hope they ask for!  Clear containers with divisions are always good for storing fake nails and lashes; you can divide them into sizes. Another use for them could be as foundation palettes, or flash palettes in creme and aqua.

I usually have a few empty bottles drifting around my kit. I buy bulk quantities of everything, and decant into either flip top bottles or spritz bottles. Some of which have gone home with other departments...thank you wardrobe and packs. And I always keep extra for those times when something breaks and I need quick storage to salvage what I can. 

The smaller spritz bottles are perfect for my standby bag, and I thoroughly enjoy being able to keep small quantities of as many products as possible in my standby bag...especially when the set is miles away from base camp.

The trick is to find just the right containers... which ones are your favourite??

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