Wedding Wonder

The gorgeous Mrs and Mr Z
Unless you're related to me in some way ( or pay me a bundle of dollars!!?!), there's very little chance of me doing your wedding makeup. As much as I love the romance of weddings, the schedule of weddings just doesn't gel with my work on commercials. I tried once... I did one wedding, and lost a four day international job because the date of the wedding clashed. So that was the end of my foray into wedding makeup. But then my cousin got married, and it was one wedding I simply had to do! I love these two beautiful people. There union was a joyous celebration and I was thrilled to see the beautiful pics that Madre Kohn took.
The beautiful bride wanted striking red lips; and I had to make sure they didn't budge, and certainly not come off when all that smooching occurred! Can you guess what I used?? It was L'Oreal's Infallible Duo with the stayfast lip colour in a wand applicator and the hydrating balm for comfort. It is an absolute winner for magnificent lips and no fuss staying power.
Romance can be captured so beautifully by removing the distraction of bright colour and focusing only on the form and shape of an embrace. My makeup was ready for it: contouring should never be seen! I can't wait to see the rest of the album!
The joy, the peace and the calm happiness of this picture sums up the whole day.

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