City Slicker with a pinch of gypsy

Eyes that see the soul, boots that'll kick your butt, bangles for hippie love and a dress to die for... perfect.
When I spotted this beautiful woman at a recent Bobbi Brown launch event, I immediately fell inlove with her easygoing elegance. Now I adore a little bit of everything. Gypsy bracelets, chic NYC worthy style, Parisian pinafore with a cheeky pleat, and rocker boots... Yes! This kind of style is almost impossible to emulate, unless you have a natural flare for effortless style. I sometimes spend hours trying to create an "image", and yet self-expression is the epitome of image: it's looking inside to see outside. I find that I have the confidence to do this more and more often...but perhaps not as stylishly as the beautiful Sue.
Thanks Sue, for allowing me to intrude...I never resist... ;-)
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