Stick On Lips

I am not fond of fake tattoos, you know, the stick on ones.  But in a pinch I can very easily bring them out and matt them down for a slightly more realistic look.  What I wanted to know was: can I do the same with those interesting stick on lips that I've spotted in Chinatown...  ?
They're cheap enough to run a test, which is what I've spent the past five minutes doing.  And even managed to pour myself a glass of vino.... hey, it's the weekend...and I'm sorting my kit! 
Now I remember why I don't buy the cheap alternatives...
I must admit that wasn't expecting brilliant results... but rather hoping for workable results.  The cheapies offered me neither.  Don't waste  your R8 on them... unless you have a magnificently taut pout that looks like it had very recently been implanted with collagen... !?!  These not only felt uncomfortable, but they looked hideous and we not the easiest to adjust shape and size. Just not a good fit at all. 
They clung well enough, even though my sizing didn't allow for good coverage.  But they clung so well that they magnified every crease.  Not a pretty sight. 
The one good thing that came from it was the meticulous lip scrub I had given myself during the removal process.  It goes on easily with water, just like any other cheap tattoo ; and comes off well enough with water and a bit of a rough rub. 
No, I won't be buying these again.  I have a pair of Violent Lips somewhere.... best I go and give them a try.
There is absolutely no art in this! ...and no grace either...
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