Custom Made Make-up Bag

For most of us the schlep of ordering items from abroad is just too exhausting an ordeal. We either hunt around for a viable alternative... or have it custom made. Makeup bags and cases have been a sad and sorry affair for far too long. I just had this quad bag custom made according to my measurement requirements, and will more than likely have a few more done soon enough.
Great for storing just about anything, this bag is already being well used in my kit. I'd like to switch from my rather bulky kit to a far more compact and convenient version of my kit. This means following my custom designs for a bag that is suited to my needs.
The film industry in Cape Town know exactly where to go for these custom designs and manufacture; and it's not cheap. But it is worth every penny in terms of the durability and quality of the items.
I have already left some designs with them for my kit bag and a standby bag, as well. It seems difficult to justify the spend all at once, but with season well and truly already here, I'd better get a move on finalizing my measurements and alterations.
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