Makeup or Skincare... or both?

Sensai makeup has skincare properties,  mainly because of the Koishimura silk extract that is present in their products.  But that's not why it's a favourite of mine.  Sensai makeup comes in shades that are standard tones for any professional,  but more so suited to everyday wear from day to night,  from neutral to a hint of drama .... and with those skincare properties,  it makes Sensai a whole lot kinder on your skin.  But that's not why it's a favourite of mine.  Oh hang on,  you think it's because they send me oodles to try.... well,  lots of brands send me oodles to try,  and that's certainly not why it's a favourite of mine.  Sensai is the brand I adore more than most,  because of the results I get on camera.  Very few department store brands can give me such exquisite results, with such great care for skin.  In fact,  even less professional makeup brands can do that. 
But this is just a blog... words that can't show you what I mean.  So,  I've partnered with Sensai to participate in their festive Golden Look,  running at Sensai counters nationwide throughout the month of December.  So far,  I'll be at their Edgars Waterfront counter this Saturday,  6th December!!  If I can make another day,  I will post on here.  But for now,  you can catch me on Saturday for a makeup session,  after you've had your skin prepped with an introduction to the skincare range that has raised my expectations of skincare in general. 
I do hope I get to see some of you there.  If you do read my blog,  and are able to visit  me at the Sensai counter,  please do let me know!!

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