Old Blue Eyes

Blue is back...only better.  I have seen quite a few other delicious blue shadows around,  and certainly have a few in my summer kit. 
Recently I reached for my Bobbi Brown Aegean Blue metallic Eye Shadow. It looks cool, and is tres, tres #haute !
Blue and Gold, a combination even the gods would approve
Of course, this is not the only fabulous blue eyeshadow I possess, but it is one of my favourites. I especially enjoy using the powder shadow as a base and then lining over the cream shadow that I have in Shiseido's BL215. And that combination stays! its is truly exquisite! And if I'm being greedy I may just layer another shadow over that: the  Estee Lauder Pure Color Eye 12 in Fire Sapphire Vivid Shine. This creates a deep and dramatic eye that can be smoked to all its revel and glory.
Bobbi Brown is bringing far more colour to our kits

Shooting a portfolio for local ballet dancer, Debbi, who is off to London to live her dream!
Don't be shy to add layers of drama to your look. You don't absolutely need the labels, but one thing is certain: their pigment is stronger, and their consistency and texture simple...better! So, the way to ensure a real bargain, is to buy the products that work best, get used often, and last longest. Go for the brands that are recommended by professionals who use them every day... and don't believe every blog you read! hehehe

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