Blurred Lines: you know you want it

So you like the 'smooth skin' setting on your camera, and you wonder when technology with allow us to apply an internal 'skin filter' to soften lines and smooth skin just by thinking of it. Maybe you'll have your wish in years to come...when all your eyesight fails and you create an instant blur the moment you take of your specs to investigate yourself in the mirror... or maybe the peeps at L'Oreal Makeup Designer/PARIS know just how to make those makeup dreams come

If you think it's all really a Blur right now, you're right. Blur is the new BB. I never really fell for CC creams, but sure went through a lot of BB creams over the past two years. But Blur Creams are offering so much more. I can't wait for them to hit the shelves bigtime here, but thankfully I was given a pot of Magic Blur Moisturiser from L'Oreal to try out on my actors. Of course, I whipped it out and slapped it on me mug just as soon as I could. What a difference!! I have been very reluctant to use those often horrid silicone primers that 'bubble-flake' if you even dare attempt a touch up...not what I need when I'm doing quick touch-ups...and all my checks have to be quick. Nowadays, not many ADs hold the roll for the Makeup we dash in when we can and steal as much time as possible. Remember: for us to pay so much attention to skin means we see things almost microscopically, and have tendencies towards compulsion, obsessiveness and a Woody Allenesque neurotic nature that inwardly drives us to impossible perfection...and only the very best products can salvage sanity on set.

I've seen what the moisturiser can do...and the Finishing cream is more can you imagine??
Yesterday I shot with an amazing adventurer who spends his life outdoors in extreme conditions. I doubt there is ever a time when his nose is not peeling. And trust me when I say that a nosepeel is every makeup artist's worst nightmare. Moisturiser doesn't always cut it when it comes to disguising this. And the moment you hit it with powder, you're doomed to accentuate it. So how would you fight the shine, but all the time ensuring hydration?? A matte moisturiser? Yes, indeed. But how about a matte moisturiser that also smooths and coats fine lines and pores so well that it could be mistaken for a super-light primer?!? Yes it exists, and it works far better that I was expecting. You know I love my Garnier Vanishing cream, and often use it under most of my applications for men, and I don't think I'll ever not have it in my kit...but now I have something that works even better. I used it on myself, as I have rather large pores, and was stupefied by the instant and incredibly effective result: smooth skin and remarkably minimised pores. I'm not just saying this because they gave me a fantastic pot of this magic cream to play with. I'm saying it because I will more than likely be buying the entire range! In fact, if it says Blur...I'm buying.

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