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See the profession through my eyes. Visit my new blog to see what is in my kit, and getting used on a daily basis on local and international shoots all over Cape Town. As a makeup artist my opinion of a beauty products is more than just ...lipservice. (hehehe) The looks I create are used to sell ideas, ideals and images that I hope will inspire. And with so many choices on the shelves, I have oodles to play with...but I end up using the best products with the greatest value that perform in a superior manner...and choosing these does take quite a bit of knowledge and skill. I have 21 years of that! (yet another hehehe)
If you have any makeup artistry specific questions, then please comment on the blog posts at, and tweet and follow me on instagram @amakeupmistress. I always try to answer as quickly as I can, and love sharing information that might make you enjoy makeup as much as I do.
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