7 Steps to The Brighter Smokey Eye

#makeupandhairbynatashareesdavies +Makeup Mistress 
 Smokey, rock star eyes for end of summer parties can seem daunting if your smokey just turns out to look bleh. To avoid that oh so familiar raccoon syndrome, try gradient colour on your eyes. No, it's not a new's a simple technique to ensure that your blend of colour doesn't end up looking like one giant smudge. The simplest way is to:

  1. Pick shades that would stand out against your skin tone, and yet compliment your eye colour. Don't be afraid to blend in that brighter colour that has been left untouched in your eye shadow palette for far too long!
  2. Pop the bright colour on your eye lid as your first layer, but don't cover the entire lid. This shade should be boldly stroked along the lash line and halfway up the lid. If you've hit the crease, you've gone too far.
  3. Now line the eye with your darker, traditionally smokey shade. This should be your deepest shadow, and it needs to be blended upwards into the brighter colour.
  4. Using a dome shaped eye shadow brush you want to curve the deeper shadow at the outer corner of your eye. This creates that very famous "photographer's C (some call it V) at the outer corners. Basically, this is the shape you want: < > , but more curved and far from angular.
  5. Blend, Blend, Blend. But don't loose some of the differentiation of colour. You have to be gentle, and patient, and even more gentle.
  6. Now bring in your highlight. This could be a beautiful beige, a shimmery gold, or even a pop of a light, bright pink! But your accent must always be the lightest shade on the eye. And is applied from the inner corner into the middle of the lid.
  7. This is where I blend more of the brighter shade for more excitement, or more of the smokey for drama. You decide.

Extra shimmer and/or glitter can be fun... but only if you're going to a party, methinks.

Don't shy away from bright colours. Used well, these can be a wise investment.