Hair Loss Treatment, not just for Men

 I know it says "For Men", but really, it's designed for anyone who wants a thicker, fuller strand of hair, and healthy growth. I gave this to a friend to try, and she loves it. I have noticed a definite improvement in her hair texture, which is no longer quite as fine and fragile as it had been, and it does seem to have less breakage. But... she eats a very healthy, unprocessed diet, which I think make a huge difference.
It's all good and well to try various magic potions in the hope of thickening fine hair, but it may not be magical for everyone. If you can easily afford such luxurious treatments, then by all means...treat yourself. But if this will be too tight on your budget, then wait. Try enhancing your diet: biotin tablets could help, and just healthy eating in general will make a huge difference to skin and hair. But there are many nutriceutical supplements that could help, and just your basic vitamins could make a difference. And a friendly head massage from a loved one....well, nothing beats that!