Hide and Go Seek: PRO.concealer by L.A.Girl

I know you walk into the beauty aisle and pretend not to notice the 'cheap' makeup. Well, you don't know what you're missing. Yes, it's lovely to have that luxury pen concealer from a high end brand that squeezes as many supermodels as possible into their TV commercials and expensive magazine ads. But if you went through as much product as I do, then I think you're going to wish for a really good alternative. And what if your alternative is better than some of those gorgeously packaged luxury products??!?
You may want to try L.A.Girl sometime. Not bad. I am impressed with the shades that these concealers are available in; very skintone-friendly. And the range of shades is certainly considerate of our African diversity.
The texture is smooth and blendable if you work fast, because, and this is the best thing about them, these concealers set and cover exceptionally well! Once the creamy liquid has dried you may have to wet it to be able to blend it, if required. But this is what you want from a concealer. For under R50, (in fact, I think these are around R39) these concealers are a steal! And if you're still not convinced, then try them out. This is one brand that always has plenty testers available.