How to get big hair

 Want to know the secret to high hair? It's all in the hairspray. And if you have the delight of finding out what works and what doesn't, as your day to day job, then you will certainly come across some amazing products with extra Extra hold! Like these easily available drugstore gems...
at Dis-Chem.
CHI makes me a happy hair person in this world of height envy... And when they say Helmet Head, they really do mean: hard as  ~ ! So yes, with a bit of teasing, and a bit of hairspray you'll get a lot of height in the hair, and extreme hold. This spray gets ludicrously hard, which is ideal for dramatic hair styles, but hardly comfortable. But I am never without it. I love the CHI Organics Olive Spritz for sleeking down wisps of hair and fly-aways; ideal for green screen hair!
And if you'd like to rid your model or actor of the extra crispy hairdo at the call of wrap, then try this incredibly easy solution.