How to remove hairspray from hair

Hair oils abound, and thank goodness for that! I must admit that I dreaded the thought of applying silicon serums to any head of hair, and luckily avoided it more than not. And when all these new oils started filtering into the market I did an inner happy dance. The ones in my kit are: ...
Mythic Oil by L'Oreal Professionnel, Redken's Diamond Oil (the more luxurious of the lot), TRESemme's oil, and then this Extraordinary Oil by L'Oreal's Elvive. The last two get used so frequently in my hair kit, and for a reason quite other than adding extra shine!
Although this is my go-to product for adding shine and gloss to hair on any shoot, a hair oil is also the best way to remove crusty hairspray that has encased my model's hair in what can only be described as a helmet of control. Yes, they quite often stop and ask me if the hairspray will come out! I smile, nod wisely, and calmly state that I possess a magic potion. So next time you're about to attempt a rough and vile comb-out of extra-hold hairspray, I suggest you reach for generous applications of hair oil to dissolve the ever sassy lacquer, and restore your hair to manageable bliss. Oh, and did I mention that these oils don't grease up your hair and skin....yes, you can certainly coat your skin with it. Another good reason to keep it in my kit! I adore my hair oils ( they're really hair and skin oils)(extraordinary).