I'll Say it and Spray it! Konichiwa, B!tches

A favourite
If you've ever sat in my makeup chair then you'll know how much I love a good spritz. The more exotic, the better! I don't think that they really make too much difference in the quality and texture of one's skin, but they do perk me up instantly. I love the refreshing feel of that cool mist on my face. And I take the time to let it settle on my model's face while her skin soaks it up and regains even just a hint of plumpness.
Key to dewy skin
Lately I've been using my Ionic and Thermal water spritzes to moisten my sponges when I blend any foundation into the skin. It sheers out my liquids, and makes my creams more dewy. The effects are always pleasing, and cut my blending time significantly. Yes, you do the same thing with tap water....or distilled water if you are slightly more picky, but this Aquakey Intense Ion Complex spritz from Dr Ohuma is an instant pick me up, and you may say it's because I want to, but I do feel more pampered and uplifted by my fabulous spritzes than plain old water!
If you work in an air-conditioned office, you may want to carry one of these to keep your skin hydrated and refreshed: a great burst of energy before intense meetings! And a reminder that life must be luxurious, even in the smallest ways!