L.A.Girl is PRO

 My recent haul of many things L.A.Girl was due to a trip to replenish consumables at Dis-Chem. Yes, it was when they had that darn beauty sale on! I know, I could have resisted. But to be fair, the deals were just so good. It seemed silly to walk away from such a bargain. A bit of a gamble, as I've never really used their colour makeup before, but certainly a bigger bargain.
And you want to know why I would take such a risk?? The L.A.Girl PRO.powder. I had read quite a bit about it, and was eager to find it. After being told that it was discontinued, you can imagine my delight and surprise to find a lonely tub of it at another Dis-Chem! With 25% off on the sale, I grabbed a bit more than the powder. And what a good idea. For the price and the texture and hold, this brand is not to be snubbed. It is, in fact, a great set of products to have in any makeup kit. And here's why:
The chubby sticks are creamy and the shades are brilliant. The long lasting liners don't rub off'll need to use a remover, and I've used them successfully in the waterline of the lids. The lip liners are soft and easy to apply, yet don't fall apart with speedy application. The lip glosses are divine. Yes, divine. They have a subtle fragrance, and rather quite pleasant, but mostly, they coat and blend beautifully, and don't sit on the lips like some of those icky-sticky ones. All are usually priced under R50!! very affordable.But my absolute favourite....I bought those eyeshadow palettes, they look like the NAKED palettes by Urban Decay, and are not bad, but not as pigmented as I would have liked, or been super excited about. But wait a minute! When you prep the eye with their eye shadow base in White, OMG!?! what a difference. I adore this eye shadow base. It really pumps up the pigments and turns a potential zero into a hero. Which, in my opinion, saves the Smoky palette from the naughty list. I must also point out that the Neon shadow palette is a winner. It is better pigmented, and would work well as accents when using other palettes.
Then there's the concealers. They truly take the cake! Better than any others I've seen in their price group, and above! Plus, the shades are skintone-friendly!! Actually!!