Me and My Bobbi Brown

 What makes Bobbi Brown products so desirable to most professional makeup artists are their comprehensive palettes. I have the BBU palette as it's called. This is the Ultimate face palette. With concealer shades on one side, and foundation shades on the other. The colours ofter a great diversity for skintones, and they can be easily blended if necessary to create the perfect tone. I'm not in love with their texture, but with good technique this palette could very easily be all that is required in a makeup artist's foundation kit.
 The Lip palette is also very diverse for most conventional makeups. This is certainly a good buy for the range and amount of lipsticks you can carry. I probably haven't used mine as much as I had intended to when I bought it, but that's because I have so many other lip palettes that I really just wanted to use, and not let them go to waste. The Bobbi Brown lip palette is a great purchase if you want the branding, as well. We all know how far a good label can take you. But the quality of the lipsticks is not phenomenal. Good, but not phenomenal. And I will say it again, this is a great palette for variety and to be able to compactly carry a huge number of relevant shades of lipstick. In that sense, it is certainly one of the best pro makeup artist buys around.
As you can see, my Bobbi Brown eye shadow palettes get the most use compared to others in my kit. These are certainly a good investment, and I would not hesitate to acquire many more. Although it may seem tedious to collect neutral after neutral, one must remember that those subtle differences in eye shadows can make all the difference to a look.

What I don't have is a Bobbi Brown blusher palette. This I want! If you have been using a selection of the BB blushers, then please comment below to fill us in!
Thanks for reading.