Mudd About This

No Inhibition is certainly one of my favourite hair styling aid brands. I fell in love with their curl definer about a year ago, but it was only until recently that I started playing with more of their products. The Moulding Mudd is certainly a favourite that I got especially for men's grooming. It gives flexible hold without weighing hair down too much, and hair looks styled but product-free almost. It works well for a more relaxed look, which is great for natural grooming.
I adore the smell of most of their products and find that it's almost androgynous.... not too masculine and not too feminine : a bonus for a busy stylist. I buy mine directly from the distributor, but ask around at your local salons and they'll be sure to order some for you I'll bet.
Oh, and did I mention that the 'Mudd' is matte!?! So if you're a little anti-shine... (hehehe...inside joke *smurky snigger* hardly bashful)... this is ideal.
Another adorable piece in my hair kit are my TRESemme hairsprays... big and small...I have them all! Love this retail brand that started out as a pro brand available through pro suppliers only. Some folks love their hair care products, and some folks don't, but as for doing hair on shoots, I find that many of their styling products perform very well. And at half, or even a third, the price of pro supplier products, this brand is to be found in quite possibly every hair and makeup stylist's kit in town! Even my very British assistant, Ms P, loves her TRESemme hairspray.