The Bridal Trial Of Miss D

 When I think of a bride, I think of the dress, the flowers and the hair. If these three elements are inline with each other, then it's going to be a very good day! And surprisingly, even when they are not in sync, they can still work together to create an unforgettable look. This young lady wants her hair down for the wedding, but for a windy afternoon photo shoot we decided to do a pretty chignon to hold the shape of the curls for longer. She had the option to let her hair loose at any stage.
 We played with various stages of this look to see how far she wanted to go with the drama, but I constantly reminded her that she could change her mind at any time. I don't usually do 'wedding makeup' , unless requested by friends and family, However, I find this kind of work very rewarding and special. I'm used to receiving a brief or feedback from a client or agency, and I must admit that I find brides to be far more cryptic. They quite often say one thing and mean another. So I often ask for picture references, to give me a visual idea. For this bride I brought along references for her to guide me, and initially she wanted a very strong look, but her dress was very delicate and romantic. So I tried to compromise.

To ensure that I don't forget what I cosmetic products I used, I often take a quick pic of the makeup I used to create the look. On the day, this may all change, as it often does, but at least I have a record of what should definitely be brought along.