Where to find your makeup consumables?

puffs and sponges are always to be found in my kit
Whether I'm working on a big shoot that could last a few weeks or a few months, or smaller shoots that require far less in terms of consumables, I always turn to Dis-Chem for my supplies. I must admit that they are my favourite 'pharmacy' store. I can get similar stock at pro beauty supply stores, but it seems pointless having to travel twice the distance for products that are so similar and often cost the same or more from the pro suppliers.
I keep hand sanitizer in all my kit bags; they are never too far from reach
And in most cases I really need only go to Dischem for just about every consumable I could possibly need. Indeed, it is my one stop shop.
Lip balms are standard, and I like their house brands
From hand sanitizer to lip balm with an SPF, sunblock for face and body, tissues, wet wipes and cotton tips and rounds... Dis-Chem has it all.
Sun block and wipes are certain necessities
 I always like to carry smaller quantities in my standby kit, and often I find some choice products in Dis-Chem's travel aisle. Their basic consumables like tissues, Q-tips and wipes are great value, and keep me coming back for more.
Q-tips are handy for clean-up and application
They carry some of my favourite brands and are always open to customer suggestions. So if there is a particular product or brand you would like them to stock, don't be shy to approach and query.