Compact Touch-Up Palette by Bobbi Brown

How clever is this most ideal Face Touch-Up Palette by Bobbi Brown!?! It has your Corrector, Concealer, Skin Foundation Stick base and Sheer Finish Pressed Powder all in one palette in up to 15 combinations to suit quite a grand variety of skin tones. I adore these palettes for working with celebrities and they're certainly ideal for actors' bags. Actors' bags are what we would keep an actor's continuity makeup in, so that the products are used just for that actor, and also it makes it convenient for the actor's bag to travel with an assistant should the actor be working with second unit. This little palette is sure to make life quite convenient for many a movie makeup artist!
Personally, I think this is a brilliant option for anyone who likes to keep things compact, on the go, and it offers an incredible saving.
I recently worked with the beautiful Leeanda Reddy of Isidingo fame, who was telling me about how much she loves her Face Touch-Up Palette....but she fessed up to it being too much to do...Well, Leeanda, dahhhhling, that's because you always have someone else doing your makeup(!?!)...of course. So I used my BBU and pro lip palettes to create her look for an upcoming campaign. Will share more when it's out!
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