Complimentary Hand Massage at Jo Malone

Pick a wash to start with...these were my choices, you're welcome to browse and select your wash. And Lameez at Canal Walk was very helpful in directing my choices by asking whether I wanted a floral, spicy, citrus or woody fragrance.
 If you've ever walked by the Jo Malone store and gotten a whiff of something spectacular and wondered whether or not it would suit you, then I must urge you to go inside! Not to smell the bounty of Jo Malone, but to...
sit down and experience the luxury of layering your scents to create something quite unique.
A complimentary hand massage will lift your mood, and ease you into an experience that may change the way you view your signature scent. Pick out the wash you'd like: spicy, floral, your initial choice, and follow your mood.
I adore bergamot, and have a passion for oud, which is what makes #this my ultimate scent. I want!
I must tell you that Oud and Bergamot are an exquisite combination with which I absolutely want to anoint my body everyday! Especially in winter. To those who love me....this is absolutely a good idea for a birthday present! The second part of the massage is moisturising the hands with a cream or oil that is either similar or offers a different note altogether. Your choice.
This was a tricky choice. But you could also opt for one fragrance on your legs, another on your arms and yet another on your neckline... or stay with just one note throughout.
Now this is where it can get awkward....picking a cologne fragrance. It says so much, doesn't it!?! The beauty of it is that you can go back time and time again to experience your shortlist before you make a choice. However, Jo Malone products are designed to work with each other: to combine layers of scent to create something, well, spectacular.
Ideal gifts and the perfect way to welcome in a season.
Try starting with one or two favourites, and slowly build your own fragrance table. Then use your fragrances to tell a story: of your hopes, your dreams, your fantasies, or simply...your day. 
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