Glowing Performance at Bobbi Brown

We're just going to fall more in love with that fresh-faced glow that makeup trends have illuminated (yes!) over the past...what...five years? We've always had that highlight happening, but now we are consumed by The Glow. And it's not an obscene, greasy, we're over that. It's that fresh-faced, just-been-to-the-spa look that very few brands can successfully pull off. Bobbi Brown, however, is a forerunner in this field.
The Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm, now in stores, is a kinder strobe cream, certainly not as harsh as others on the market: it is easy to wear and not relegated solely to the realm of high fashion. You can actually wear this as part of your everyday makeup look.
It can also be added to your foundation to spruce it up, and add an extra glow, a new dimension to your regular shade. Perfect for winter! And yes, this is one for my kit...and my personal winter perk-me-up!
Then there's the Skin Smoothing Pore Perfector, which I have seen in action briefly when I visited their Canal Walk store to be teased with their upcoming launches for the next 6 months! Oh, very exciting! And I'll share as they roll out. But back to this Pore Perfector: it seemed to be quite fast-acting, and I noticed a smoother brighter area where it was applied...on my hand. I would like to try this on my rather porous nose and cheek area, to get a better idea of how effective it truly is. But yes, it feels silken, and not at all heavy or cumbersome to wear...on my hand... There are so many great primers out there now, and at a variety of price points that we really are spoilt for choice. And now it seems that Bobbi Brown are giving us even more choice...
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