Holding onto my summer glow

Look too dark for you? It's's incredibly sheer and blends out very well.
 AS winter approaches I begin to mourn my fast-fading tan. Okay, who am I kidding. I spent most of my summer under a hat; I don't have as much of a tan as I could have. But with freckles bordering on denser pigmentation, I am wary of being too exposed to the sun. But, because my complexion calls for a hint of summer, I dread the pallor of winter months. And yes, I have an obvious solution. Bronzing gel is an ideal way to add a hint of colour, especially as we transition from summer makeup to winter makeup...
Sheer bronzing gel can do wonders to liven up one's complexion
 Sensai is one of the kindest skincare brands on my skin, and works brilliantly for some of my chronic problem areas. My only bad, is that I probably don't hydrate as much as I should. I apply moisturiser as I walk out the door at 6am, and maybe a hydrating mist at work, if I remember, and am using it on my models...but then nothing until the next morning.... I know: terrible. And good skincare would make the need to disguise problem areas a thing long forgotten. But here I am...already knowing that I shall add that bronzer to put the glow back into my tired skin, and bring some warmth into my drizzly winter days.
And if you think that this subtle enhancement of colour doesn't cheer one up, then you obviously don't need it. But I do!

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