How to define bangs

I love her bangs!
 From the day we met, Scarlett Mellish Wilson, accomplished dancer and Bollywood star, fell in love with one of my favourite hair products. Her thick bangs neede definition without restraint, and I had just the product. My No Inhibition Defining & Shining Wax did the trick effortlessly.
A quiet moment before this star takes to the stunt area to perform her act
 This look is adorable on Scarlett, as it speaks of her youth and innocence. I love my crimping irons, and knew I had to use it on the show. They are pretty much antiques! But I maintain my hair tools as best I can to ensure that they keep on ticking. And I work with hair products that don't gunk up everything. It's possibly one aspect of choosing hair products that is often overlooked. Just so you know: don't use heated hair tools on hair that has been coated by any silicone-based product. Actually...don't use silicone products.

Favourite hair styling products I used on the Bollywood reality show, Dare to Dance
Milkshake and No Inhibition are much loved brands, that I use as often as the job calls for it. 
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