Makeup artist basic first aid kit

 Nowadays we have dedicated medics on set to carry care basics like plasters, eyedrops, sun protection and any antibacterial wipes and ointment. But back in the day makeup artists...
on most commercials sets carried a good collection of what could be called a very simplistic healthcare set... a mini first aid kit even. On movies, luckily, we've always had a medic or health officer, as far as I can remember...I've been in the business for two decades!
 But old habits die hard, and nowadays I mainly work on advertising stills jobs and commercials, so I still bring a few basic "first aid" items. I carry a small container that holds the very basics like eyedrops: saline and eyegene, sunscreen for lips and face, alcohol wipes, 'zit zapper' (my favourite is the one from Garnier), Eye Alert by Khiel's and good old dental floss. I also carry a separate bag of pads and tampons in my main kit, and plasters in my standby bag. And I have replaced my Betadine ointment, in favour of 100% aloe vera gel, which also works well as a face prep for sensitive skin, and I keep it in my skin prep kit.
Oh, and even though I rarely work with false lashes, I do carry some, and always keep emergency glue in this box, which I keep in my set bag, always on standby.
My larger bottles of sunscreen are carried with my other basic skincare, and form part of my everyday skin prep for all my artists. As makeup artists our job is to care for the talent's skin, and we don't always have time to make sure that every crew member has remembered to put on some sunblock, which is why I'm over the moon when I see a medic on set, so that I can remain focused on my actors and models.
But most crew on some of my smaller jobs do come in search of 'the good stuff' I tend to carry larger quantities of SPF 50 sunscreen. And it becomes and arduous burden carrying larger sized products, so I am currently considering all my options for decanting and carrying smaller sized products in my kit. If you've also been considering this, please share your most helpful tips in the comments section.
Thanks for reading.
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