For the month of April, you'll see my "heartlips" icon on all my social media platforms. I'm standing with the #redmylips campaign to show my support for victims of sexual violence who have been silenced by shame...whether they spoke and weren't heard, or whether they never said a single word.
 We need to send a message. Sexual violence in any form or manner should never be excused, condoned nor tolerated. By pointing a finger at the victim, you do this...and you become the perpetrator. Think about what you say...and what you're thinking.
April is Sexual Assault Awareness month.
The Red My Lips campaign is about making a statement with red lips. Wear your red lips this month to show awareness of the victim-blaming that actually ends up protecting the perpetrators; allow the voices of victims to be heard without prejudice.
Use the #redmylips hashtag to show support online; spread the word about the campaign, and donate if you can, or help to raise funds. But mostly, talk about it. Be vocal. Put on your #redmylips.

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