Share Your Brush Cleaning #Tips

 I will always find a good reason to have more makeup brushes. But one common reason that I share with many other makeup artists is that we need to replace our brushes due to frequent cleaning. Starting in makeup in the early nineties meant that we cleaned our brushes with sunlight liquid, and IPA (isopropyl alcohol). As you can imagine, we replaced them as often as we could. We also never had so many brush brands to choose from. In fact, I recall buying many of my brushes from the art store. And they worked pretty darn well, I must add. But with age comes refined taste, and a bigger budget! But I still need to find a cleaner that does all I need it to.
And recently I have started perfecting my own recipe. I wanted Parian Spirit, but came up with my own version that I am currently testing. If you look at what's out there you'll note that most of them contain a huge amount of alcohol. Read the label's ingredients list. I was trying to get away from that and looked to citrus oils for something like Parian Spirit. Only time will tell if this protects my bristles from premature shedding.
 So far, so good. My spot cleaner works well enough to use as a daily actually gets all the makeup out. At the moment it does have some alcohol added to it, but I'll also be testing one without. I can't seem to pull myself away from germaphobic paranoia that sets in when I consider that my brushes will touch I am probably too generous with my spritzing of IPA.

I'm happy with the result so far, but I will need to test quite a bit more before I share results and product. In the meantime, I would love to hear what you've tried and if you have any bristle-saving tricks that might help other makeup artists in the blogosphere.
Thanks for reading.
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