The hair didn't budge

 The beautiful Ms Scarlett Mellish-Wilson. A brave young woman I was privileged to meet and have in my makeup chair for the duration of filming of Bollywood's Dare2Dance.
 What I liked most about this young star is her grace. She is strong and resilient, with a heart of gold. And fantastic bone structure! With so many of the styles I made sure to get her direction, because she has a natural sense of style and a knack for holding an audience captive, and we wanted to maximize the impact of her performance with beautiful and creative looks.

 For this particular act her hair had to stay put... you'll see why...
 Gel and hair spray were our very best pals throughout the production. The neater the style, the better it stayed. I couldn't risk having bits fall out and distract my star as she did her dance routine in stunt situations.
 The flowers had to be pinned in securely, and you have no idea how many pins and grips are in that bun!
 I wanted to ensure that we had a bit of drama from every angle, because my lady was an exquisite performer who put 100% into every move, and if she ever improvised you would never have noticed, and with the stunts they were doing, we never really knew what to expect with costume and hair. So in my vision, styles would either have to be intensely controlled or ravishingly free. For safety and visibility we went with this gorgeous bun that is loaded with sensuality...quite like my lady!
 I know. I want her lips, too!!

And this was the stunt. And incredible performance at a height and angle that would make me giddy. She rocked it! And the hair didn't budge!
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