The #Secret to Autumn Serenity

Burberry always has something that is just so London about it; the freshness of rain, perhaps... or the playful romance of stomping through puddles!
 A favourite fragrance, a bouquet of roses, crisp cotton sheets and silky pajamas. I reach for these comforts on any given autumn evening ...when I'm not rushing to pack a kit and feed my kids, clean my brushes, check on the laundry and catch at least one episode of anything on youtube... plus bake a bread!
I must admit that I very rarely live this fantasy of luxury, because like most working moms, I am just too exhausted to pamper myself. But what I've realised is that it can happen in small ways, and certainly within my regular rushed routine!
Tea and ideal combination to ease into winter
The trick is to use products I adore. To spoil myself in the most regular of ways: using that expensive Guerlain body moisturise when I've just come out of the shower and am hopping into bed; buy that bunch of roses that I wished someone else had bought for me; wear my most treasured perfumes even when I'm just heading off to the green-grocer; read that book I bought at the market; draw a bath and pour salts and petals into it; light those candles, and calmly celebrate feeling calm! And snuggle up with my wee ones as we sip our hot chocolate.