What a Fantastic Win from #Smashbox

Besides being totally thrilled to have been one of the winners in a recent Smashbox competition ( I always try to enter the competitions I share on my facebook page), I was happy to have a love for priming re-ignited. I had gone off primers and prefered to use water-based skin prep that focused on hydration. But like any makeup artist, I wanted a smoothing effect to allow for the best possible foundation application. I got really fed up with those awful silicone primers that did the rounds not too long ago, and continuously left the skin with a crumbling layer of gunk. And as much as I love my water-based ' primers', they very rarely smoothed anything, and I so want the perfect primer. But the perfect primer ...well, I doubt it exists, but I do think that this one from Smashbox is a pretty good one. Worth the spend? yes, because I do think that it helped hold makeup on very sweaty beach days. I like the texture, and certainly enjoyed the matte, but not dull, finish. Photofinish certainly made the foundation glide on, and held the makeup well. I really didn't have too much time to do lengthy checks on the day, so it helped to work with a product that made my work look good!
It also made a huge difference to the longevity of other inferior products. Now I'm hooked, and I don't see myself going without reasonable priming for any length of time. Smashbox have quite a range to choose from, and I have yet to inspect all of them, but I am rather delighted with my Photo Finish Foundation Primer in Light.
Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer is available at Woolworths makeup departments at around R365,00.
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