2 Things I Can't Do Without on Set

I may not always bother to bring along my umbrella, or my little set chair, in fact, they more than often spend the day in my car boot. But somewhere in all the paraphernalia that I schlep with me from set to set, you will certainly find:

  1. a scarf and
  2. a sunhat. 

Even in winter my sunhat is somewhere to be found. I prefer snug fitting ones that won't get blown away too easily.
I have a large collection of scarves to suit my every need. Cotton scarves are my favourite, because they can double as a towel at times, and they work well as ground cover for desperate seating on a tiring day.
I have at some point also dumped the layout of my makeup station into my scarf for a quick relocation.
These handy, hardy little musthaves can make the day so much more pleasant, especially when you're shooting on Cape Town beaches with the sun beating down as the wind gusts clouds of sand on your weary least you won't be eating that!
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