Best Fake Lashes in My Makeup Kit

You can get these at Dischem, and they're about R60-70 rand, some can be a bit more pricey, especially special editions. But standard lashes will set you back about R60. Not a bad price for brilliant lashes. I've used these on tv shows and print ads, and always happy with the result.
As for eyelash glue...nothing beats good old DUO adhesive. Some makeup artists have suggested using a special effects glue, which is more pricey, and sadly has never been quite as good in my experience... You also get a tube of glue with the lashes, which I like to keep in my standby bag for touch-ups and fixes. But Eylure lashes and DUO adhesive are two staples in my makeup kit. I get my DUO adhesive at the Inglot store, if you're wondering, although Kryolan also stocks them, and back in the day we could easily find this at good pharmacies. Now, it's just easier to go to Inglot and get my Duraline, as well, while I'm at it.
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