Colour Calling

When people are afraid of change, afraid to express in a new way, they really are quite trapped, and will continue to produce more of the same without even a glimpse of their true potential.

And so it is with colour in makeup. If all you ever look for is either "nude" or "natural", then you're missing out on the playful side of makeup. And spring and summer are designed for fun and frivolity, in my opinion. It doesn't have to be a crazy kaleidoscope of colour on your face...just pick one area: eyes, cheeks or lips. Lips are the easiest. You can go from the palest pink to the deepest plum or beyond, and every new colour holds another spark for the imagination. Eyes can be a challenge, but meet it with a sense of humour if you must. Play and be brave. But cheeks are my favourite to play with: I'm lightyears beyond just apricot or rose. Leave the classics behind, and go on an adventure this summer...
Which colours would you try?? And where??!?
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