#flowersinmyhair ??

 Nature's palette is simply Divine! I love the ideas and inspiration that comes from the flowers in my garden. Not only do I see colour combinations for lip, cheeks and eyes, but also for my wardrobe...which has drifted so much towards blacks and greys that I often feel completely colourless in my everyday life.
 Colour is therapeutic. And even just that one bright scarf can lift a mood. I'm determined to be more playful with my wardrobe. Whether it's mainly my accessories that add a splash of colour, or a statement piece: a blazer, shoes, hat... something to salute Nature's artist within.
And if all else fails, pop a flower in my hair! In fact, that is how summer must be spent: with flowers in my hair. I feel like I need to start a hashtag for wearing flowers in my hair this summer... any suggestions??
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