Jenni Button #musthave Dresses

 Jenni Button is the South African name for style. I loved this brand in the 90s, and am happy to still be thrilled by them now. These pics were taken while my friend and I were walking off our breakfast, and taking in the trends at the same time
....yes, yes, yes, we were window shopping. It's always a little painful for me, because I hardly wear dresses like these. My work as an advertising stills and commercials makeup artist means I'm dressed for a busy day in hot weather and rough locations, plenty of wind, and the slight chance of getting quite messy... so my fabulous dresses often have to wait for someone to get married!
But this! This!! This sexy little shirt dress I WANT to wear to work. I also want to wear heels...not very practical when I'm chasing little models to apply sunblock when I'm working on kiddie shoots!?! And possibly a little distracting for the rest of the crew who (some) may wear the same t-shirt for the entire week (inside-out and back-to-front have often been the only variations made). But This would be the dress I'd want in my closet, teamed with a Burberry trench-coat!
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