Prime Lip Treatment

Sensai Lipstick and Lip Treatment contains Koishimura silk
My love of Sensai began when it was more popularly known as Kanebo. That may very well be before some of you were born ( I love you anyway). Kanebo was revered by film makeup artists, and quite possibly one of those insider brands that if you knew about them, then you were an industry makeup artist. Visiora and Kanebo were often shipped in for big productions, because the stars expected these brands to be available to them. Luckily, I got my Kanebo from a pharmacy in Hyde Park Corner. Sensai is in every bit the same high quality, luxury brand that I would expect from Kanebo, and perhaps as modern times would encourage, even better! The formulations are still ideal for professional makeup requirements. And the skincare is beyond superb.
Wearing Sensai never feels like I'm wearing anything at all... 
Sensai has a lip treatment, which I carry with me everyday during our summer filming season. It gives me the best results without ever feeling heavy on the lips.  I often use it as a priming product for my models, who often arrive with parched lips, and we have no time to exfoliate. And in extreme cases I reapply as if it were a balm. I have also used it to hide dry skin and peeling skin, but only in desperation. I'm ever so precious about my luxurious lip treatment, mind you.
But you must know that during the summer months I am loathe to use anything but my Sensai lipsticks, because they are phenomenally hydrating. I know I gush on and on about Sensai, but for the love of makeup go and try it yourself! Go to your nearest Sensai counter, and get some product on your skin!! 
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