Tattoo Cover

 I'm not crazy about alcohol-activated makeup as tattoo cover, and would sooner use my Graftobian airbrush makeup to cover most tattoos, when they won't be submerged in water. But on those days when models have to get wet,
then thank goodness for alcohol makeup. I buy all my aclohol-activated makeup palettes from Masque in Cape Town, but wish we had another supplier that could be more reliable... I sometimes wait for ages for an order to come in, and have been disappointed a little too often. Best just to go there and see what they've got... they're still the best in town for pro film industry makeup.
 Another favourite for quick touch ups and covering smaller areas, would be my Judith August Killer Cover wheel (available from the States). And for general touch-ups there's L.A. Girl PRO Conceal ( get it at Dis-Chem). These are actually pretty awesome, and ridiculously affordable for such quality. I hope they don't change that! I use them to conceal dark circles, and nasty blemishes, and as a makeup artist, they make me very happy.
 So this is the kind of coverage I can achieve with alcohol activated makeup airbrushed onto the skin. It can get a bit weird over hairs, and it does tend to crack with movement, but hardly ever fades. I wouldn't consider much else for underwater shots, when I need to cover large tattoos.

As you can see there was quite a bit to cover.
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