The Casual and The Khaki

Call it casual when it's quick, laid back when it borders on it what you like, this look is easy to throw together and easy to glam up when you need to. My favourite cheat is a scarf: wrapped around either my neck or my head, it instantly adds drama, and personality to such a low key look.
This look is quite a basic work look for me. Jeans are simple necessities, and I like to play around with various cuts, fits and lengths. Nothing goes better with jeans than a light cotton, khaki jacket, I have three! This one is from Esprit.  And you can pop any t-shirt or blouse underneath, and you have a fun, functional, and fresh look.
Pink is not found too often in my wardrobe...sad, but true. But this light pink top from Status is one of my favourites for summer. I can't remember where the back is from (probably Chinatown), but the shoes are from Rage. A golden sandal is one of those essential can wear it with everything! I love the practicality of khaki and the glamour of gold put together is a topsy turvy spin on a casual look. But what I'm looking for is a light and flowing khaki shirt-dress in viscose to pair up with my golden sandals!! seen any recently??
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