The Rise and Rise of Banana Powder

If Kim Kardashian did anything for professional makeup, it has to be that she made Ben Nye's Banana Powder famous.
It's always such an odd thing to wrap your mind around if you're a professional makeup artist (as in, this is your everyday job...that you've been doing for over twenty years...), that a brand whose fame lies firmly in the realm of the film industry can so suddenly be catapulted to cult status. And you may think that it's the power of a star...but we've been using these products on so many stars, I don't think that's what brought it to your attention. It is quite possibly just that it's been in the media. You've seen it on YouTube, and read about it on MakeupAlley. You've heard enough enough yay-sayers to warrant a purchase. And yes, this particular powder is a favourite of mine, but not because it's famous on the internet...
I will always want to try a product before buying it...but time constraints and a busy schedule can make it difficult to spend time testing products in-store. So I do turn to youtube and I read various blogs to get an idea of the actual product in use. You start to see which blogs have actually tested every inch of the product, and which ones are simply a bit of a PR blag to keep them on the events guestlist. So do your homework...suss it out.
I can go on about how fantastic a product is from the moment I get it, but will it still be in my kit after weeks and even months of use?? If I talk about it again and again, it's because I'm still using it: now that is an indication of value for money.
So back to banana powder. It comes in various sizes, but not always available here in South Africa. Try Masque in Cape Town...although I've been waiting on my order of Parian Spirit for nearly a year!?! It has quite a delicious yellow tone that balances and brightens medium to medium dark skin. I have used this on dark skin as a highlighter, as well. If you're a makeup artist, then it would be an asset to your kit. I think it's possible to get this shade as a pressed powder as well... but last I checked, Masque was out of stock...perhaps try Naimies, or another online option??
There are a few youtube videos that show this product in action...and I'm tempted to put one up myself...let's see.

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