#Breastcancer Brings #Awareness

Glad to see one of the images I've worked on as a makeup artist is being put to very good use!

I happen to know that at least one of these ladies is a survivor and this was a very emotional shoot for her.  What she taught me and continues to teach me whenever I have her in my chair. is that we must take care of ourselves in every way. And whether we start from the outside in or inside out, as long as we start.

I spend so much time prettying and pampering the lovelies that come through my makeup and hair department, that I am almost too exhausted o give myself a little looksie-love. I think we all need to be kind to our bodies, no matter how rushed and booked up our lives are. October is at it's end. But I never stop thinking of the women my family has lost to cancer.

It's time I start feeding my body and my soul with beautiful moments of just loving myself...and stop waiting for someone else to! Do something beautiful for yourself today.
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