How to tame redness in skin

By now you would have tried every colour correcting concealer that you can lay your hands on.  But have you discovered Eucerin's new Anti-Redness cream??  It not only neutralizes the redness somewhat,  but also calms the skin so that the redness doesn't deepen in a controlled environment. 
It helped me on set when I had to control redness in cheeks and chest,  without loading the skin with makeup : I just use Eucerin's cream and some of my Sensai powder. Or use a body foundation like MAC's Face and Body for a less matte cover.  Brilliant correction,  easily done.
What I like must is that it is moisturizing at the same time.  So no harsh dry separation of product on skin,  like I've seen with other strictly makeup brands.  Eucerin is first and foremostly a skincare brand,  and some of their products just happen to make my life as a makeup artist easier !

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