The Next Big Thing in Makeup

As keen as I am to see and use one of these new "Cushion Foundation Compacts" that the Korean market has brought to fame, I am infamously skeptical about the fact that the only real revolutionary aspect of these new foundations is possibly not that new after all. A little bit of liquid make-up soaked up by a sponge, quaintly stored in a compact, and applied with a puff. Hasn't that been done a long time ago?? Oh wait.... now I know what it reminds me of: back in the day, when I still did 16hrs on a movie set, we used to store our wet sea sponges, loaded with product, in plastic containers in order to easily carry an actor's base or FX makeup in our standby bags, prepped and ready for quick touch-ups.
The convenience of this strategy is what already has me head over heels with a product that I have yet to see on South African shores!?! I'm certain that when these Cushion Foundation Compacts hit our shelves, it will revolutionize not only our makeup looks and finishes, but also how we will expect to use makeup. I certainly want ease and convenience, and a hundred and one benefits from just a single product. Don't you?
And this is what I'll be expecting: a smart shade BB cream with CC capabilities, soothing hydration with some degree of anti-aging benefit(asking too much already), plus I want an SPF50 and a primer that actually works for longer than 8hrs. But why would I need such long-wear, when I can easily touch up my makeup quickly and conveniently with a few dabs and rolls?!?!(they've aptly called it 'stamping' ...remember that?!?) Some have this and more ( even a skin whitening element if you see Arbutin in the ingredients list - beware)...but they're all in Korea...
Lancome is in on the Cushion Foundation craze with its Miracle Cushion

Lancome might bring their Miracle Cushion Foundation Compact to SA; and L'Oreal's True Match range also has one, so I'll be looking for those( and hopefully without Arbutin). I can't see why they wouldn't launch them here, because these Cushion Foundation compacts are taking the world by the lashes!! 
Another one I'll be looking for...

I'm She of the Impatient, so I'll be making my own DIY version of this beauty product until I eventually spot one at the stores... and that way, I can cram in just about everything I want in my cushion foundation, and in quantities and variations that I can work with easily on set.
But, the one I want: Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free All-in-one ABC Cushion Foundation SPF50
Physicians Formula Cushion foundation: I'll be heading off to my nearest Dischem store to see if it's on the shelves yet!?! 

If you're already in the cushion craze, then please leave a comment to let me know what you're using. where you got yours, and how your rate it??
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