Some cosmetics can be a tad mediocre...and some are just The Balm!!!?! hehehe
The Balm!.... get it?! course you do.
Now This is one of those fun palettes that you love because of its versatility and convenience. It's called the Balm Voyage Palette Vol. II, and it contains 9 eyeshadows, 2 blushers, a bronzer and a highlighter, and 2 lip and cheek creams. That's pretty much everything you could need in one convenient palette! It currently retails at R635.Indeed a bargain when you consider what you're getting, and how much all of it would cost were you to purchase each separately.
This week I used my Auto Balm palette and really like the convenience of having multi-tasking eyeshadows and blushers in one tiny palette. And in my effort to compact my kit into a much more back-friendly size, I'll be looking at either purchasing or creating palettes that fulfill my everyday set requirements and can multi-task as needed, so that my standby kit can also be lightened. Most pro makeup artists know the agony of schlepping around a fully laden, heavy ass bag of makeup, hair and skincare products. 
Do you have any special palettes that allow you to do everything and more, without the extra schlepp?
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