It seems that one can never have enough lipstick palettes....because one can never have enough lipstick! But is it better to buy full lipstick palettes from your favourite brands, or to fill empty palettes with your choice of lipsticks from every brand you desire? Although I love and adore my Bobbi Brown lipstick palette with 36 lip colours, I would also like to pack other favourite lipsticks into a convenient palette that can easily go into my standby bag, as and when. So empty palettes do have a place in my kit.
 This 35 well lipstick palette from M.U.D. is certainly worth my consideration. At R425 (I think that is their pro have to be in the industry for this), it seems steep for a bit of plastic. But it will save you time and space in your kit, and with all the lipsticks we carry, this makes it so easy to take many more options for our clients.
At the moment I have an empty palette from my Ben Nye foundations, and will probably see if I could pop some of my nude shades into that. But I am very tempted to get this empty palette as well. I've only read one review that complains about the latch being useless... I suppose one could find one's way around that... but I do prefer a sturdier box to carry my lipsticks for at least a couple of years. So I'll be scanning reviews a little longer.
The palette I really wanted was from Japonesque, but it would take a blinking age before that get here from the States!?!  Either way, I will need a sturdy box to withstand hasty work on busy sets.
Which one would you get??

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